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    The SUPERINSPECT group is especially attentive to the environment and has the commitment, through the continuing improvement of its processes and the fulfillment of the legislation in force, to encourage a proper environmental behavior, with the purpose of assuring the life quality of the present and future generations.

    The SUPERINSPECT group has the following Environmental Management goals:


    Continuous Improvement:
    Seek continuous improvement of the Environmental Management Program through solutions minimizing the risks and the environmental impact present in its activities.
    Promote training courses for all collaborators and outsourced personnel performing activities with the potential of generating environmental impacts.
    Encourage workers or work teams in the development of ideas and projects that may contribute to the company in the preservation of the environment.
    Comply with all laws, governmental rules (municipal, state and federal) and contractual clauses of the clients, applicable to the preservation and safekeeping of the environment.