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    SUPERINSPECT – A BRAZIL-based supervision company, established in 1970 , acting on inspections and surveys on a large variety of commodities.

    Basically we perform quantity and quality control on agricultural products, petrochemicals, minerals and refrigerated products, notably during loading and unloading operations, as well as on cargo fumigation.

    We have as goals the total satisfaction of our customers, the broad and adequate qualification of our employees, and the national and international recognition as a standard of excellence in the area of inspection and testing.

    In pursuit of continuous improvement, our laboratories are engaged in several laboratory checking programs performed by internationally recognized entities, and we are accredited by the leading regulatory agencies in our area.

    All our first class services can be handled by any of our thirteen branches and three laboratories, located at the all major Brazilian ports.

    We operate abroad from a network of correspondents in major ports on all continents.