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    The SUPERINSPECT Group´s basic philosophy is to understand and treat the work safety and health as one of the essential elements of the production process. With the direct participation of its collaborators, it pursues continuously the improvement of its processes, with the commitment of improving its performance related to health and safety, through planning, training and inspection, complying with the legislation in force.

    The SUPERINSPECT group has the following safety and health Management goals:
    Continuous improvement:
    Seek the continuous improvement of the health and safety program through the continuing identification of the hazards, evaluation of risk and implantation of required control measures.
    Promote the Training of all collaborators and outsourced personnel performing activities with risk potential.
    Promote the continuing inspection of the collaborators’ work conditions in order to prevent accidents and work diseases.
    Comply with all laws, governmental rules (Municipal, State and Federal) and contractual clauses of the clients, applicable to the safety and health.